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Flackpull, the innovative tubular vial - Patent n° 0508285

In France, the Laboratoires pharmaceutiques PASQUIER holds a major share of the pharmaceutical market, and is the undisputed market leader in the production of phytotherapy products and food supplements in liquid form.
Expertise, experience, quality, and responsiveness are the factors responsible for its early success and exemplary results.
A whole host of proven advantages to help you meet all your challenges.
 Challenges that demand an expert response
From the outset, our laboratories have always sought to combine youth with expertise, offering you the customer a complete mastery of the manufacture of pharmaceutical products in liquid form and access to the latest and most innovative solutions.
Challenges that demand quality
Laboratoires PASQUIER targets quality at every level of activity: technical assistance; adherence to AFSSAPS standards for the entire range of processes, from the reception of raw materials to delivery of ‘turnkey’ products, etc.
Particular attention is given to the processing of water. The water processing unit produces up to 60,000 litres of purified water every day which is used not only for the manufacture of products, but also for all associated operations (to clean the tops of ampoules and the tanks, to cool the autoclave, etc.).
These measures comply with requirements imposed by the authorised inspection bodies.
Challenges that demand production capacity
With 7 preparation tanks of 200L - 5,500L, 5 packaging units, and more than 500 listed products manufactured, Laboratoires PASQUIER has the human and technological resources to take care of all your production requirements, from a pilot batch to industrial scale production.
Challenges that demand flexibility
Laboratoires PASQUIER has the relevant production equipment coupled with an integral IT management system, monitoring procedures, support, teams and an organisation that enables it to deal with any situation, however urgent and whatever your demands with regard to quantity.

Key figures

Founded: May 1998
Number of employees: 57 staff (48 manufacturing operatives, 9 managerial staff including 3 Doctors of Pharmacy).
Current production:
120 million ampoules
7 million Flackpulls (during launch year)
5 million vials
Production capacity:
200 million ampoules and Flackpulls
10 million vials
Total area of installations:
Approximately 3,500 m2 by 7 000 m2
Production area: around 1,000 m2 of controlled atmosphere facilities.