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Flackpull, the innovative tubular vial - Patent n° 0508285


We offer a wide range of packaging options (6 - 40 Flackpulls per box). Our equipment enables us to insert two products automatically and simultaneously into the same box.

Manufacture of the Flackpulls


- They are manufactured in accordance with EU pharmaceutical standards currently in force
- Preparation of liquids in clean room (classified zones).
- Access to preparation and filling areas is controlled and strictly for use of accredited staff only.
- Every raw material is inspected and weighed.
- The preparations are produced.
- Electronic tracking and traceability is maintained at every stage of production.
- Validation and qualification of equipment.


- High production capacity (500,000 Flackpulls/day) + 200 million Flackpulls/year
- 5 ml – 10 ml – 15 ml – 20 ml volumes

Thermal treatment:

Because a thermal treatment can be performed, the need for preservatives is avoided. We also manufacture organically certified products.